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The "Royal Iris" - Chapter 6 - powered by a quiet diesel-electric engine, this ferry was often hired for private parties and dances - sometimes with famous bands like "The Beatles."poweredF

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"The Three Graces" and Pier Head

View from Mountpleasant, such as Mark might have had from his hostel - Chapter 6

St. George's Hall

Gardens behind St. George's Hall, looking down towards the Tunnel

Queen Victoria and Wellington's Column

Statue and gardens behind St. George's Hall

Lime Street

Picton Library and Museum opposite side entrance to St. George's Hall

St. George's Hall

Museum and Libraries - Chapter 9


Town Hall

Entrance to Mersey Tunnel - Chapter 22


It's still there! 42 Enid Street, Toxteth, Liverpool 8. The Loner is not a true story; the characters are imaginary; but the inspiration for "Buchanan Street" comes from student life in this house in Sixties' Liverpool.