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Having Fun Underground

The students in the Loner have a social life which partly revolves around a potholing club.

Paul Andrews started caving with Liverpool University in the 1960's. Later in the 1980's friends and others got together to form their own caving group. Since writing the Loner, Paul has found some reports which were published in old club news letters. Many of these will only interest potholers, but there may be others who would just like to know what a lot of fun you can get out of exploring caves.

The articles which are reproduced here are reports of caving trips down six of the nine caves or the cave systems described in the Loner.

But be warned: many adventure sports are dangerous and the challenge of the risk can make a sport worth doing. Natural caves and old mines are dangerous places. Potholing is a strenuous and exciting sport, and nobody should try it unless they first go underground with a reputable caving club, and with an experienced leader. Readers who might be encouraged to have a go, please beware!


January 1966 Sunset Jan 66 - LUPC Report
March 1986 Sunset
  Map of Gaping Gill System
June 1984 Gaping Gill
May 1987 Gaping Gill
October 1988 Bar Pot - Far Country.
1984 Easegill - Lancaster - Manchester Bypass
January 1985 Easegill-Lancaster - Top Sink to Pool Sink
February 1986 Lancaster to Link
January1988 Easegill-Lancaster - Top Sink to Pipikin
1967 Lost Johns - LUPC Report
April 1984 Lost Johns
February 1987 Lost Johns
  Rift Pot - Sectional Diagram
1966 Rift Pot - LUPC
August 1984 Rift Pot
December 1987 Rift Pot
January 1967 Simpsons
December 1984 Simpsons Pot
  Some other Epic Caving Trips (nothing to do with the Loner)