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"Having completed the Loner, I thoroughly enjoyed the story...............I found the potholing really exciting and lived through each adventure as I read it". - David Lloyd Williams, Norton.

"Amusing, exciting, and a great character study" - Alan Jones, Malton.

"A very enjoyable read; the Loner encapsulates great stories of student life in the 60's" - Cherie Andrews, Leeds.

"Congratulations! The Loner was an excellent read, which I enjoyed and it gave a real insight into student life" - Stephen Andrews, Knowle, Birmingham.

"I think this is an interesting character study" - critic from WLP&S

"A really good read - couldn't put it down" - Diana Andrews, Great Habton.

"A good read with a fantastic ending" - Martin Sanderson, Thornton Dale.

"I really enjoyed this book. It held my attention from beginning to end. Strongly recommended" - Customer from Burscough, Merseyside.

"I just want to congratulate you Paul on your book. I found it a very good read. Apart from the areas in Liverpool, I could also relate to Ingleton area having had a relative who owned a farm there. Mention of the Philharmonic pub made me smile" - Joan Houghton, Formby, Merseyside

"The Loner is a compelling read - strongly recommended" - Mike Beckett, Norton

"Thoroughly enjoyed a reading the 'Loner'..a true glimpse back into the life and times of students in the sixty's..a must for avid readers wanting a walk back down memory lane"- Gill Pycock, Ryton, North Yorks

"This was an evocative read, bringing alive 60's Liverpool. We had a different perspective from many in this genre, using the main character, Mark, from a public school background. This sensitively illustrated the mix, of educational and personal, advantages and disadvantages that have influence on many teenage and young adult lives. Fiona and Susan, the posh Liverpool girls, were well described - part of the 'in-crowd'and always wearing the right gear. I did not dwell on the pot-holing sections too much, as the Simpson's Pot 'slit squeeze' and 'primrose path' descriptions I found quite scary!" - Mary Rignall, Wigan.

"An interesting insight into clinical anxiety, and how to overcome it - should be an inspiration for many" - Dr. Kevin Pavey, Longridge, Lancs.