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Mercury April 2009

Gazette and Herald 18th November 2009

Mercury 10th February 2010



Descent (the Cavers' magazine) February/March 2010

In the summer of 2009 Paul Andrews self-published The Loner (ISBN 978-0-9560951-2-1) through Lulu. Stated as a work of fiction, one has to wonder... The theme is student life in Liverpool during the 1960s and the escapades that students could get up to, especially one who is terrified of girls and has vertigo yet heads underground into a number of Dales' caves for around half the book. Matador has picked up the title and a new version is promised for April; a review will follow later this year. In the meantime, head for for more information

Copyright material reproduced from Descent (212) February 2010 by permission of the author and publisher, Chris Howes and Wild Places Publishing